Motorcycle gifts for her: 15 thoughtful gifts for female motorcycle riders

Motorcycle gifts for her: 15 thoughtful gifts for female motorcycle riders

Looking for a gift for a biker girl or female motorcyclist? Not sure what to get them that they will actually use and appreciate? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any other occasion!

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Motorcycle Gifts for her- Clothing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, mum, female friend who rides or even your grandmother- EVERY female biker likes clothes. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas:

Bada$$ Motorcycle Boots

Coz even biker chicks love shoes– especially pretty motorcycle boots like these! Some girls like to ride with heels, some don’t. (P.S- they don’t have to ride a Harley Davidson in order to wear Harley Davidson boots. 😉)

Motorcycle Jacket- perfect biker chick gift

If you’re going to treat a woman who rides to a motorcycle jacket, be VERY sure it’s one which is actually designed to go on a motorcycle- and not just a fashion item. Anything with kevlar and protection, like this one, is perfect.

There are hundred of motorcycle jackets- waterproof, all weather and summer riding. Personally, I LOVE the detailing on this one- and the color (available in a range of them)

Motorcycle leggings for women

During the summer (and as late into Fall as I can), I prefer to ride in motorcycle leggings like these. They are made out of protective material with a Kevlar lining, plus armor on knee and are cut for the female body. Even after hours, these are still comfy.

Motorcycle Gloves for women

Like many female motorcycle riders, my hands get COLD when I’m riding. A good set of motorcycling gloves makes life on a road a lot more fun.

NOTE: Gloves are one of those items of motorcycle clothing where it doesn’t really matter if you wear mens or womens. What DOES matter is the fit- they should be tight but not uncomfortable and the wearer should be able to stretch out her fingers easily. And yes, I know not every biker girl wants to wear pink… but these are so pretty 🙂

Motorcycle Neck Gaiter for female bikers

I wear a neck gaiter most of the time on my motorcycle except for really short trips. I love having a few to choose from- and this one is particularly pretty. 🙂

Hair tidy- perfect for biker chicks with long hair

As a female motorcycle rider with hair halfway down my back, I know how miserable it is to arrive somewhere with your hair in a tangle. Even plaiting it doesn’t always help.

That’s why these hair wraps make such great gifts for women who ride- it keeps them looking cute no matter how far they go.

Motorcycle T-shirts for women

Every female biker loves a good motorcycle t-shirt, whether it’s funny, sarcastic or just plain silly.

Here are a few more of our favourite motorcycling t-shirts for women.

Motorcycle gifts for women who ride- useful & fun accessories

Sena Bluetooth headset

We use these in all our headset and it’s a fantastic bit of kit. Whether you’re shopping for a female motorcycle rider who rides alone and wants to connect her phone, or who rides with someone else, this is the perfect gift for her.

Another great gift idea is a motorcycle sat nav- see our favorite units here

Motorcycling Earplugs

Did you know that riding at 75 miles an hour can produce a noise level of around 100dbs? That’s well inside the range where chrinic hearing damage can be done.

These comfortable earplugs are designed with bikers in mind, so engine & external vehicles, communication systems and navigation are all still audible. They just reduce wind and ambient noises, making riding a motorcycle safer for your ears.

Mini Wallet- great motorbike gift for her

One of the most frustrating things about being a female motorcycle rider is trying to fit a wallet into your leathers. THIS is the perfect solution!

Motorcycle Thigh Bags- the perfect gift for women who ride

For female bikers who need to bring more ‘stuff’ (like their partner’s keys/ wallet/ etc) this is the perfect solution. It’s also great if you’re motorcycling in France or any other country where they insist you carry a hi-vis jacket in case you break down.

They come in lots of different patterns and designs; I love the steampunk feel of this one

Motorcycle Helmet hair

Nearly every female motorcycle rider I know has personalized her helmet in some way, whether with stickers, paint or adding attachments (or just buying a pink motorcycle helmet!)

I have helmet horns on mine, but I LOVE this motorcycle hair– it’s so pretty and will look cool on practically any helmet.

Helmet horns- perfect biker chick gift idea

These are the ones I have, but they come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit all female motorcyclists- they make great gifts.

Useful & Practical Gifts for female motorcycle riders

Motorcycle cleaning Kit

It’s important to keep a motorcycle clean- and having the right products to do that makes things easier. This kit is great for keeping tires, chains and every other part of the bike in top shape.

Motorcycle Mug for female motorcyclists

When your female biker can’t ride, she’s still going to be thinking about her motorcycle. Here’s the perfect gift to make her smile as she does.

Motorcycle Charm

Love this cute motorcycle charm which fits onto Pandora and other charm bracelets- the perfect gift for women who ride and like jewelry.

Guardian Angel- the perfect gift for female motorcycle riders

If you want to keep your biker safe, get them one of these guardian angel bells. The message reads ‘Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly’

Motorcycle Visor Kit

Nothing is more frustrating (or dangerous!) than a dirty motorcycle helmet visor. This kit is perfect for keeping in a backpack (or a thigh bag) and keeping things squeaky clean and safe.

For when you’ve really gotta GO on the go…

Getting motorcycle leathers off is a pain at the best of times. Trying to get them off when you REALLY. NEED. A. WEE. is a fricking nightmare. Make things simpler on longer journeys and get a shewee (or some version of it) like this. Discreet and easy to pop into a backpack, it’ll make long motorcycle rides so much more enjoyable for female riders.

Motorcycle books- great gift idea for female bikers

If you’re buying a gift for a female motorcycle rider who enjoys reading, here are some fantastic ideas for you:

I hope you found those motorcycle gifts for her useful. Let me know in the comments if you have any more awesome gift ideas for female motorcycle riders.

motorcycle gifts for her- best gift ideas for female motorcycle riders
thoughtful motorcycle gifts for her- best gift ideas for female motorcycle riders

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