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Welcome to Biker Girl Life. Despite the name, this website isn’t just for female bikers, but for anyone looking to enjoy their time on two wheels.

We believe that it doesn’t matter what gender you are, your age, experience, what you ride or where you’re able to ride it– life is just better when you have a motorcycle in it. Everyone should experience the freedom and adrenaline of being out on the open road, the wind in your helmet and beautiful views all around. We know that motorbikes aren’t the answer to every problem, but they’re a great place to start!

“It’s not about who you are or what you ride, it’s about enjoying the journey.”

Kat- Biker Girl Life

About ‘Biker Girl’

If we haven’t met before, Hey- I’m Kat, a fairly new female motorcycle rider who quit my job so I could explore the UK and Europe by motorcycle.

That’s adulting, right?

Together with my husband Jay, and our spaniel Mac, we now tour almost full-time, using a motorhome as a base vehicle and two Triumph Scramblers as our adventure touring motorcycles. We’ve explored over 15 countries and covered over 60,000 miles. You can read more about our adventures here

Us in Norway- one of the BEST motorcycling destinations we've been (so far!) We don't often ride 2-up anymore, but the views required extra hands for videoing!!
Us in Norway- one of the BEST motorcycling destinations we’ve been (so far!) We don’t often ride 2-up anymore, but the views required extra hands for videoing!!

In 2021, we started doing motorcycle track days, which were a whole new experience! Scramblers aren’t the best bikes for those, so we bit the bullet and bought two sports bikes- a ZX10r and a ZX6r. (I love the 10r, but I’m definitely not good enough for that level of crazy just yet! 😉 )

When I started doing track days, I was looking for another female biker, someone I could connect with and say ‘if SHE can do it, so can I’.

And, honestly, I struggled to find anyone. Sure, there are some amazingly talented motorcycle women who are crazy fast and extremely competent riders. But I wanted someone who was a little nervous (like me) and looking to improve.

I also wanted to be able to share our motorcycle touring adventures in more detail so others could benefit from our experiences.

So, I bit the bullet and started this blog and our Youtube channel. If I can inspire even one person, male or female, to do something they were previously too nervous to do, my mission is achieved. Riding can be scary, track days can be intimidating, touring can be nerve-wracking… but there is NOTHING you can’t do with the right kit and a little encouragement.

So, whether you’re a new rider (and feeling slightly nervous) or you’ve been riding for years and looking for new awesome biking roads, we’re here to help you make the most of your time on two wheels. I promise, if I can do it (and I was an incredibly nervous beginner rider), you definitely can too.

Ride safe!

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Bikergirl Life couple with dog on motorcycle
Us and our dog Mac- do you know how many takes this took to get him to look at the camera!! (The husband, not the dog…😆)

Motorcycle John oGroats Scotland- Bikergirl Life
Us & our Motorcycles at John o’Groats, Scotland with our daughter, Jade

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Jay and Kat- Bikergirl Life Motorcycle Tips
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