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female motorcycle rider tips for women who ride motorbikes

15 essential tips for female motorcycle riders

Are you a woman who rides her own motorcycle? Or do you know one and want to help them feel more comfortable on their bike? No worries- here are some of the best tips and tricks for female motorcycle riders- both for safety, and generally having fun on the road. I hope you find it …

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Biker tips for new nervous motorcycle riders to improve confidence

Lost confidence riding a motorcycle? Here’s how to get it back

Have you lost your confidence riding a motorcycle? Feeling nervous or too scared to even get on a bike? I know exactly how you feel! Shortly after I passed my test, I scared myself silly and stopped riding for several months. Getting back onto a bike wasn’t easy and it took a long time for me to feel confident again, but I got there eventually.

motorcycle touring bikes- Planning a motorbike trip to France? Here's everything you need to know to plan your tour and enjoy motorcycling in France.

Quitting my job to tour Europe with a motorcycle

In 2017, I decided to quit my job in order to give us more time to travel and explore the world with our motorbikes. So, in 2018 I left my job as an air traffic controller to go travelling. Sure, it’s not been smooth sailing (let’s just not talk about 2020!) but we’ve visited some …

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biker girl track day

Why don’t more female motorbikers do track days?

WHY don’t more biker girls do track days? Is it really as intimidating as we fear it is…? I believe the average % of female bikers in the UK is around 6%. And yet, girls are still rare enough on the track for it to be a ‘thing’ when we turn up. As two ‘biker …

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