27 Funny gifts for Motorbikers (they'll secretly love)

27 Funny gifts for Motorbikers (they’ll secretly love)

Looking for a fun gift for a motorbike lover or a gag gift for stocking or Secret santa? Here are 27 novelty gifts for bikers which won’t break the bank, but will get a laugh.

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Looking for more serious/ useful gifts for bikers? Here you go

Fun motorcycle stocking fillers/ gag gifts under £10

Let’s be real- most funny biker gifts are purchased either as a joke or as a stocking filler. They’re supposed to get a laugh, but you don’t want to spend too much money on them. No worries- here are some great ideas for you.

(NOTE: We’ve split this into price groups for you, but can’t guarantee the prices haven’t changed since writing. Who knows- you might find it on sale!)

Funny motorbike mat


Novelty Motorcycle Pizza cutter

For the motorbiker who loves pizza, this is the perfect fun gift idea. You know you can picture them making the noise as they cut through the dough…


Vintage Motorcycle bottle opener

For any biker who loves a beer, this is the perfect gift- thoughtful yet fun. It will look good no matter where they use it.


I don’t snore Motorcycle socks

For those who practice motorcycling ALL night long…


Funny gifts for motorbikers- keyring

It’s a biker thing- don’t touch it without permission…


Funny Motorbike sign

This is perfect for bikers with man caves & garages!


Motorbike Novelty Gifts- Mugs

Mugs are always an appreciated gift and are a fairly safe bet, especially in the workplace. Here are some funny yet useful motorbike mug ideas for you.

I ride a motorbike because…


WARNING: May spontaneously start talking about motorbikes…

For the biker who mentions their bike in every conversation…


I am a biker…


I’m not always grumpy; sometimes I’m riding my motorbike…


I have too many bikes… said no biker ever


Funny Motorcycle T-shirts/ tops

Another great and potentially funny gift for motorbikers is a t-shirt or top. There are hundreds to choose from, but here are a few of the ones which made us laugh out loud.

I do my own stunts…


Is my bike ok?


She said get down on one knee…

(Is this the time to share the story of our engagement? The deal was whatever we spent on a ring for me, we’d spend on a motorbike for him… Funnily enough, my ring is HUGE! 🙄)


A motorcyclist is

Text says “A motorcyclist is a person willing to take a container of flammable liquid, place it on top of a hot engine, and then put the entire thing between their legs” 😆


My bike is calling…




Not all witches ride broomsticks…

(You can see more ideas for gifts for female motorcyclists here)


Funny Gag gifts for motorbikers (for bigger budgets)

Here are some motorcycling gift ideas we love which cost more than the average gag gift, but will still be appreciated by bikers with a sense of humour.

Santa Helmet Cover

Honestly, it probably doesn’t matter if this is a Christmas gift, for a birthday or any other occasion- they will love this. Trust me- I’ve just bought one 🙂


If you want a more generic option, the ears on this one made me laugh:


And you can also get it in Cookie Monster…


If they love gnomes, (or REALLY don’t) this motorcycling gnome will certainly make an impression!


Funny cards for motorbikers

If you need a card to celebrate a birthday or other occasion, here are some funny ones we found

If you can read this, my girlfriend’s fallen off…


Bassett Hound on a motorbike…


To the nut who…


Personalised biker birthday card


I hope you found that list helpful. If you have any more great ideas for funny motorcycling gifts, let me know in the comments.

Funny motorcycle gifts for bikers
Looking for a funny gag gift idea for a motorcycle rider? Here are some of the most fun presents for bikers with a sense of humor. Get them something to make them laugh for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. Also make great ideas for motorcycle gift baskets.

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