Gifts for motorbikers: 50 great present ideas they'll LOVE

Gifts for motorbikers: 50 great present ideas they’ll LOVE

Need a present for a motorbike lover? Whether you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or anything else, here are some unique, fun, personalised and practical gifts for motorbikers that they will ACTUALLY appreciate and use, with options for both male and female motorcycle riders.

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We all have that loved one who is a complete pain in the a$$ to buy for. Whether it’s a Christmas gift which says ‘I love you’ whilst not breaking the bank, or a special gift requiring a personal touch, with some people it’s just tough to know what to get for them.

Especially when you want them to actually use and enjoy the gift you’re spending your money on!

So, if you have a motorcycle lover on your list and need some inspiration, here are some ideas for you.

Looking for gifts specifically for female motorcycle riders? Check these ideas out

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Useful gifts for motorbikers under £10

Most motorbike gifts costing less than £10 are usually funny/ novelty gag motorcycle gifts (like these!) However, there are a few things you can pick up which are actually useful for bikers.

NOTE: We’ve organised these gift ideas by price to help you, but can’t guarantee that the prices won’t have changed since time of writing (who knows- they might be on sale!)

Visor cleaning Kit

This is one of the best stocking fillers I ever got. Seriously- I use this almost every time I get on my motorbike and I’ve bought countless refills. Such a useful gift.

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Tyre pressure is vital on a motobike; way more than in a car. It doesn’t matter whether your biker uses their bike every day or occasionally, long rides or short, being able to check their tyre pressures could be a life saver.

TOP TIP: If they enjoy doing track days with their bike, get a compressor (further down this page) so they can adjust their pressures at the track. If not, this is perfect for them to pop into their backpack.

Motorbike Logbook/ maintenance record

For every motorbiker who does their own maintenance, it’s useful to keep a record of what they’ve done. This is the perfect solution.

Classic Motorbike gifts- socks

Breathable Motorcycle snood/ neck buff

If your biker rides in winter, they will LOVE this. The breathable mesh makes it comfortable to wear even under a helmet and it’s warm enough to keep them cosy on even the longest ride. It comes in a range of colours- choose one which complements their riding gear or bike. If unsure, black is always a safe bet 🙂

Classic Motorbike Mug

(for more funny mugs, see our list of funny gifts for motorbikers here)

Gifts for Motorbikers- books, shows & models they’ll love

For many bikers, reading, planning and talking about motorcycles is part of the joy. My husband can spend HOURS chatting with other like-minded motorcycle lovers about… well, motorcycle stuff. Especially with his classic motorbikes.

For me, I love to plan our next motorcycle tour adventure. We’ve already toured lots (here are some of our favourite motorcycle touring destinations in Europe), but there are always new roads and routes to discover!

We also loved watching shows such as ‘Long Way Round’ (and Down, and Up) and we both enjoy models- so here are some biker gifts for others like us.

Books about motorcycling

Motorbike gift ideas- Shows about motorcycling

Motorbike models & toys

Yes, these are for adults. Or big kids. Or even younger kids (some of the Lego and other models are age restricted due to small parts.) They are all DIY self-build kits. I’ve also included a ‘build your own motorcycle engine’ kit- a BRILLIANT way to help anyone new to motorcycles how the engine works.

Practical Gifts for motorbike lovers under £30

If you have a slightly larger budget to get a gift for a motorbiker, there are plenty more practical ideas for you that every biker will find useful.

Lockable motorbike helmet bag

For when you can’t take the helmet with you…

Wet Boot moisture absorbers

When motorcycle boots get damp, drying them is a PAIN, especially when touring with no way of getting heat into them. These things are the perfect solution (plus, they’re hilarious!)

Secure Travel Mug

Sure, you can get a fun travel mug which says something about motorcycles, but sometimes it’s worth getting the thing which does the job best. On a motorcycle, you need a travel mug which WILL NOT LEAK in your backpack. This is it.

Motorcycle tool kit

Believe it or not, most motorcycles don’t come with toolkits, yet you will always need one when you least expect to. Keep your biker prepared with this handy kit from renowned biker company, Oxford.

Tubeless Tyre Repair Tool Kit

Whilst we’re on the subject of maintenance, this kit is fantastic for puncture repair on the road.

Zippo Motorcycle lighter

Perfect gift for a motorbiker who smokes

Motorcycle Earplugs

Did you know that the average motorcycle going around 50mph has the same noise level as an electric drill! (110db) That’s why earplugs are so important. These ones come incredibly highly rated and don’t block out traffic noice.

Motorcycle Disc Brake lock

Motorcycle theft is a real problem and bike security is at the forefront of every motorcycle owner’s mind. This is the #1 bestseller in motorcycle theft protection (correct as of Sept 2021)

Wheel cleaning roller stand

If your biker doesn’t have a central stand (many motorcycles don’t) it can be really hard to clean the wheels and lube the chain. This device is a genius invention and makes it SO MUCH EASIER.

Useful Gifts for motorbikers under £50

Ultimate Motorbike care Kit

Every motorcycle needs cleaning and maintaining. This is the kit to help your biker do that. Despite the pink colour, this isn’t just a gift for female motorbikers– Muc Off is a famous cleaning brand and well-known to bikers of all genders.

Waterproof backpack with helmet holder

Finding a decent waterproof backpack for motorcycling is difficult enough. Finding one which has a motorbike helmet holder built in? Unheard of. This is THE backpack for bikers who commute or travel.

Motorcycle Tank bag

Motorcycle tank bags are a brilliant gift idea for a motorcyclist who commutes or enjoys long rides. It saves having more weight on their back. This is one of the highest rated motorcycle tank bags- I love the waterproof phone pouch included.

Gifts for motorbiker lovers under £100

If you’re looking for a gift for a biker and have a bigger budget, here are some present ideas they will really appreciate.

TOP TIP: I always recommend not to buy biker clothing without letting the recipient choose/ try it on as some places can be funny about returns. Another option is to buy a gift voucher and let them choose their own- but it’s not as much fun 🙂

Motorbike tyre Compressor

I mentioned this earlier, but if your motorbiker enjoys track days, they’ll love a compressor. Heck, it’s still useful even in the home garage for topping up tyre pressures as needed. This one can run off mains power or off a 12v cigarette lighter- very useful

Motorcycle cover

A great gift for motorbikers who don’t have a garage for their bike is a waterproof and sturdy cover. Cheap replicas don’t do the job- especially in UK winters. And don’t worry- this is one present you can buy every year without problem- most covers only last 1-2 years before needing to be replaced.

Powerbank/ portable charger

Running out of power on your phone or motorbike sat nav whilst riding is a pain- and can be dangerous. Make sure they always have a backup source. There are cheaper options on the market, but this one is SUPERB and worth every penny- just look at the reviews!

Motorcycle lift/ jack

For any biker who does their own motorcycle maintenance

Motorcycle dash cam

On a motorbike, possibly more than anywhere else, a dashcam or GoPro is essential when riding on public roads. Here’s a bestselling option for you. (Personally, we use a Go Pro but it is a little more pricey)

Another idea is a motorcycle camera or helmet cam so they can record their rides.

Thoughtful Motorbike gift ideas over £100

For motorbike gifts which will REALLY be appreciated!

Garmin Zumo Motorcycle navigation system

This is one of the best motorcycle sat navs on the market.

Sena Motobike Helmet Bluetooth Intercom system

My husband and I love having an intercom so we can chat as we ride. Not only is it good for safety- we can point out things the other might have missed or not be able to see yet, but it’s also a great way for us to spend time together without the distraction of ‘life’. This is the system we use- we sure to get the correct make to fit your motorcycle helmet.

Great gift idea for motorbikers-Motorcycle shed/shelter

If your biker has the space, a great gift is a motorcycle shed. These sit in place in the garden or on the driveway and provide year-round shelter for the motorcycle. We used to have two in our last house and they were brilliant.

Motorcycle tracker / alarm

This fantastic tracker will notify your motorcycle lover if their bike moves. It can then also track the motorbike (SIM card subscription needed).

Go Pro Hero 9- perfect motorbike present

I mentioned these earlier- we love our Go Pros and use them for both motorcycle touring and on the track. We have a Hero 7 black, which is still a great option, but a newer model is the Hero 9 if you really want to spoil your biker. (There is also the Hero 11 & 12 now out but we haven’t had a chance to try that yet.)

Personalised Motorbike themed gifts

Everybody loves a good personalised gift and motorbikers are no different. Here are some motorbike themed presents which can be personalised to show your biker how much you care. If you want more funny gag gifts for motorbikers, check these out.

Motorcycle Garage sign

Perfect to mark a motorbiker’s garage or shed.

Personalised Motorbike Leather wallet

Personalised motorbike print

Personalised motorcycle mug

Personalised motorcycle keychain

Show your motorbiker what they mean to you

Motorbike gifts for her

The vast majority of the gifts for motorbikers above are suitable for female riders. However, if you want to buy something specifically for a lady biker, here are some ideas for you:

I hope you found that selection of gifts for motorbikers useful. If you’re a biker and had a present which you LOVED, feel free to drop it in the comments below so we can all get inspired.

Epic gifts for bikers. Looking for a gift idea for a motorcycle rider? Here are some of the best presents for bikers. Get them something they REALLY want for Christmas or birthday.
Epic gifts for bikers. Looking for a gift idea for a motorcycle rider? Here are some of the best presents for bikers. Get them something they REALLY want for Christmas or birthday.

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