REVIEWED: Motorcycle Cooling Vests - 10 of the best in 2024

REVIEWED: Motorcycle Cooling Vests – 10 of the best

Looking for a cooling vest for your bike rides this summer? Want something sleek, simple and effective at keeping you cool on those (hopefully!) hot summer days? You’re in the right place. We’ve reviewed 10 of the best motorcycle cooling vests for all functions, whether you’re a commuter or long-term motorcycle tourer. We hope it helps!

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Motorcycle Cooling Vests- why bother?

Most people prefer riding their motorcycle when the weather is nice- I know I certainly do. Hot summer days, with the wind in your helmet and an open road= heaven.

However, there can definitely be too much of a good thing and too much hot sun turns a fun day’s ride or adventure into something to be endured.

Worse, riding a motorcycle for long periods in hot weather can cause discomfort, fatigue, and even health issues like heat stroke.

I’ve toured all over Europe on my motorcycle and most places weren’t a problem but, when we got to places like Spain and Italy, the heat was almost unbearable- especially with leathers on!

This is where motorcycle cooling vests come in handy. They are designed to help regulate body temperature and keep riders cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Even if you spend most of your time motorcycling in the UK (where we don’t often have hot summers like they do in Europe), it can still get hot under all your bike gear!

It was a while before I discovered motorcycle cooling vests- and even longer before I discovered one I liked. So I’ve put together a collection of the makes and models we liked, to help you make the choice easier.

NOTE: I obviously have my favourite, so I’ve asked a few of my biker friends (male and female) to give their opinions so there’s a balanced view for all styles of riding.

Types of motorcycle cooling vest

There are two main types of motorcycle cooling vest systems – evaporation and ice pack / gel packs.

Evaporation cooling vests work by being placed in and absorbing water, which then evaporates over time. This removes excess body heat, keeping the body cool.

The second type of motorcycle cooling vest require frozen ice packs / gel packs for the cooling system. These are placed into the vest and worn over clothing to keep the body cool.

How to choose the best motorcycle cooling vest for you

When you’re shopping for a motorcycle cooling vest, you need to look at a couple of things:

  • The type of cooling system
  • How long it takes to work/ prepare (eg: over night freezing vs 2 minute soak in cold water)
  • How long it stays cool for
  • Type of fastening- and does that fit under your biker clothing?

Both systems only have a limited performance time and need external features to work- such as water or a freezer. As most bikers will have access to these without problem, you shouldn’t find them prohibitively difficult to operate.

If you’re on a long motorcycle tour, and planning to do a lot of motorcycle camping, especially wild camping, you might find an evaporation vest (also called ‘liquid cooled’) is easier to use as you won’t need to find a freezer.

When you’re looking at sizing, you want one which will fit snugly over a t-shirt, but isn’t too tight or restrictive.

Evaporation Cooling Vests for motorcycles

Most of these vests are very similar, although you’ll find differences in fit and how long they stay cool for (although that also depends a lot on where and how you’re riding!)

This type of system is easier to use ‘on the go’ than the ice-pack vests, but you may find they don’t stay as cool for longer.

Fly Racing Street Liquid Cooling Vest

The Fly Racing Street Cooling Vest is one of the most popular motorcycle cooling vests. It’s made of polymer fabric and has a larger surface area than some of the other vests we tested- meaning there’s more coverage to keep you cool.

WHY WE LIKE IT: It only takes 2 minutes of soaking in cold water before it’s ready to keep you cool for hours!

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Good cooling overall
  • Large Evaporation Surface
  • Quick activation time
  • Vest remains hydrated for several hours.
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Can run small – Size up
  • Can feel ‘sticky’ when drying out

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Liquid Cooling Vest

The Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest is another polymer-embedded vest which only needs soaking in cold water for 2-5 minutes to give instant cooling relief and comfort from the heat for hours.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Good cooling overall
  • Large Evaporation Surface
  • Quick activation time
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Runs large – Size down
  • Hand wash only

TechNiche Hyperkewl Motorcycle Liquid Cooling Vest

The TechNiche Hyperkewl Motorcycle Cooling Vest is one of the cheaper motorcycle cooling vests we reviewed.

It’s quilted with a nylon outer shell and a HyperKewl Cooling Fabric inner. This liquid cooled motorcycle vest comes in a range of colors and sizes, so there is an option for everyone.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Despite the cheap price and slightly ‘cheaper’ feel, it worked well and stays cool for longer than some of it’s more expensive competitiors.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Lightweight, easy to activate, and durable
  • HyperKewl 60%
  • Good cooling overall
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Zipper fastening option only
  • Cheaper feel

Alpinestars MX Dry Cooling Vest

This sexy number is the Alpinestars MX Cooling Vest. It’s made of lightweight polymer and is often worn as an undershirt (next to the skin) instead of over a t-shirt.

It takes about 5-10 minutes to give it a good soaking, but then it will stay wet for several hours (although not as long as some others we reviewed.)

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Lightweight, easy to activate, and durable
  • Good cooling overall
  • Well known brand
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Doesn’t stay damp as long as some others

Dry Motorcycle cooling vests (you fill with water)

For the next vests we tried, these are filled with water instead of being soaked. Be sure to read the instructions carefully when you buy one- as some have a few quirks!

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6685 Motorcycle Cooling Vest

This Ergodyne Chill-Its 6685 Premium Dry Cooling Vest divided opinions! Some loved it, some didn’t.

Instead of soaking this vest in water, you fill it up (no need to freeze) and it then wicks heat away from your skin. It’s made from industrial grade nylon with front zipper closure and mesh side panels for additional ventilation and a comfortable fit.

It’s designed to ‘feel dry’, which is great in theory but didn’t always feel like it was doing anything. The company state it’s designed to work for up to 3 days, but we didn’t get anywhere near that.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Good size range
  • Dry Cooling Vest
  • Durable
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Not to be worn underneath thick or heavy layers of clothing.

Macna Evo Liquid Cooling Vest

The Macna Evo Liquid Cooling Vest is one of the most expensive motorcycle cooling vests on this review. Once filled with water, it’s designed to stay dry both inside and out (no more having a soggy interior to your jacket!)

Fully filled, this biker cooling vest can cool you down for up to three days, depending on the ambient temperature you’re riding in. Once used, just hang it up to let it dry out before you need it again.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Washable
  • Wears Dry
  • Long lasting cooling
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Zipper fastening option only
  • High end price range

Revit! Challenger Liquid Cooling Vest

If you have a Revit jacket, then the Revit Challenger motorcycle cooling vest is the best motorcycle cooling vest choice for you.

Instead of being a stand-alone vest, this liquid cooled motorcycle garment is an insert, compatible with some of the Revit jackets, including: FJL055 Galactic, FJL056 Galactic Ladies, FJT150 Sand 2, FJT151 Sand 2 HV, FJT152 Levante., FJT153 Levante Ladies, FJT154 Excalibur, FJT107 Sand and FJT118 Ventura Ladies motorcycle jackets.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • HyperKewl polymer-based
  • Long lasting cooling
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • For Revit Jackets only
  • High end price range

Ice Pack / Gel Pad Cooling Motorcycle Vests

If you prefer ice packs, here are some of the best motorcycle cooling vest options for you.

Alphacool Mesh Ice Vest – Gel Pads

The Alphacool Mesh Ice Vest is made from open mesh fabric with a front zipper.

It comes with two sets of gel ice packs, so you can keep one cooling in your freezer whilst you’re using the other. It holds 3 gel pads- two on the chest and one on the back- to keep you cool.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Adjustable for sizing
  • Additional set of gel pads
  • Good cooling for shorter rides
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Short cooling length
  • Durability
  • Bulky under clothing

Summer Cooling Vest with Ice Packs

This Summer Cooling Vest is a good buy for anyone looking for a cheaper motorcycle cooling vest. It has 6 insulated pockets (2 on the chest and 4 on the back), which you can fill with their ice packs or your own ice packs. It stays cool for around 6 to 8 hours.

NOTEL This cooling vest is a ‘one size fits all’ with adjustable sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, which are adjusted by side straps (not velcro).

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Good overall cooling
  • Insulated ice pack pockets
  • You can use the included ice pack or you can change to your own ice pack
  • Machine washable
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Poo sizing choice- One size fits all

TECHKEWL Phase Change Ice Cooling Vest

At the other end of the pricing spectrum, we have the TechKewl 6626-KH-L/XL Phase Change Cooling Vest.

Although eye-wateringly expensive, it does do a great job. The vest comes with 4 inserts and a bag to keep it all in. The inserts need to be frozen or refrigerated, but then deliver a constant cool temperature (around 58F/14C) for 2-3 hours.

Each vest has side and shoulder hook-and-loop adjustments to accommodate for various shapes and sizes.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Good variation in sizing adjustments
  • Good overall cooling capability
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • High end price range

FlexiFreeze Ice Vest – Personal Cooling Cold Vest

FlexiFreeze Ice Vest Replacement Panels, Black
516 Reviews
FlexiFreeze Ice Vest Replacement Panels, Black
  • An extra set of ice panels for your FlexiFreeze Ice Vest will ensure continuous cooling when needed.
  • The Velcro attachment makes for quick removal and installation
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

The FlexiFreeze Ice Vest – Personal Cooling Cold Vest is a novel concept. It has 96 pure water ice cubes to keep you cool on hot motorbike rides. Weighing just 3.5 lbs, the vest and panels are made from neoprene and are machine washable (with ice sheets removed.)

Additional/replacement ice packs can be purchased so you can extend your rides.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Extra Ice Packs available
  • Flexible enough to move around in
  • Good overall cooling
  • Sizes adjustable in four locations
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Water filled – longer re freeze time

Motorcycle Cooling Vests- final thoughts

Getting a cooling vest for your summer motorcycle rides probably isn’t your first thought. Indeed, many bikers ride happily all summer long without one.

However, if you’re prone to heat stroke or feel faint in hot weather, or want to ride longer without fatigue affecting you, they can be a godsend. (Obviously, please don’t ride if you feel unwell!)

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