REVIEWED: Best Women's Motorcycle Jackets (2024 update)

REVIEWED: Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

Looking for a motorcycle jacket for a female rider? Whether you’re the main rider or a pillion, getting a properly fitted motorcycle jacket with good protection is essential. To help, we’ve reviewed the best women’s motorcycle jackets for summer, touring and all-round riding, to give you the best choice

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Motorcycle jackets for women- the problem

Choosing decent motorcycle gear for women can be troublesome. Like men, we come in all shapes and sizes- and we have boobs and hips!

So not only do we need to worry about the fabric and the protection and the suitability for what we want, we also need to worry about the fit. It can be a little overwhelming.

To help, I’ve reviewed some of the best motorcycle jacket’s for women to be found today. Now, I’m 5’11, so I can cover the ‘best jackets for tall riders’ section and I’ve asked a few friends to give me their opinions on best ladies motorcycle jackets for shorter women. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered.

Choosing your perfect motorcycle jacket- what to look for

I’ll be honest- I have about 5 motorcycle jackets, all for different occasions. I have my favourite leather jacket for summer bike rides, I have an all-weather textile one for touring on my bike, I have my track leathers which zip together and a couple of others I’ve picked up over the years.

The likelihood is one jacket isn’t going to solve ALL of your motorcycling issues- especially if you ride all year round. That’s why it’s important to decide what style of motorcycling you do most, and look for the best jacket to suit that.

There are a few things to look for when choosing the right motorcycle jacket for you. Let’s quickly review what to look for:

Heat control

Jackets by definition usually keep you warm- and I’m sure you know that a warm summer’s day can feel much chillier on a bike. Still, if you do a lot of motorcycling in hot countries (like motorcycling in Italy), you’ll want to look for a jacket with vents so you can get air flow in to cool you down.

Of course, if you’re looking for a ‘best for most of the year’ jacket, you’ll need one which can keep you warm in spring, autumn and winter. Textile is better than leather for this in most cases.

Wind and Rain Protection 

Another important aspect of any good motorcycle jacket is protection against the wind and rain, especially if you plan to commute on your motorcycle or use the bike year round. (Or go motorcycling in Scotland or anywhere the weather can be changeable!)

Now, I know that us girls like to look good. I know I do. Trouble is, that cute ladies leather biker jacket often doesn’t offer much protection from the weather. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Armour & skid protection

Talking of cute jackets… do NOT skimp on the armour just because ‘it makes me look fat’. The more you ride, the higher the chance of you getting into some sort of accident. Sorry, but it’s true. Please don’t pick a cute jacket which doesn’t have adequate protection.

One of the most common injuries sustained from motorcycle accidents is road rash. Road rash occurs when you fall from a bike at speed and skid along the ground, removing large patches of your skin. 

I know of a couple of girls who has had this happen to them and it’s not fun (and yes, I’m majorly understating that.) I cannot stress this enough- PLEASE DO NOT RIDE WITH YOUR SKIN EXPOSED.


Whether you’re rider or pillion, you need to feel comfortable in your clothing on the bike. It needs to fit well and allow you to move your arms and neck freely.

Also, you might want to get a jacket a size larger than normal so you can wear a jumper or hoodie underneath.

Style & fit

As I said earlier, I know most girls like to look good and there should be no reason you can’t find a lady’s motorcycle jacket which fits you will and looks great.

I’m pleased to say this has become WAY better recently (although manufacturers still seem to think we only want black, white or pink in most cases!) but with a little shopping around, you should be able to find a jacket you love. We have found some GORGEOUS colourful jackets below.

Expect to try on a few before you find a brand and style you like. That’s one of the reasons I use both Sportsbike Direct and Amazon- you can get free returns or exchanges. 🙂


Sadly, this is something else to consider. You’ll find a good ladies motorcycle jacket might be more expensive that you hoped, because they have so many features like armor, weatherproofing and lots of pockets.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can shop around and still get the best jacket for you, as there are often deals and sales on motorcycle clothing throughout the year.

Best Textile / Waterproof Motorcycle Jackets for women who ride ‘most’ of the year

If you’re looking for a ‘best of all worlds’ motorcycle jacket, you’ll probably want a textile/ waterproof one. These jackets are suitable across several seasons as they’re stylish and breathable for warmer weather while simultaneously offering protection from the wind and rain during the colder months.

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Decent protection 
  • Affordable 
  • Many style options 
  • Waterproof 
  • Adjustable
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Can requires multiple layers for protection and waterproofing 
  • May not last as long as leather jackets if not properly looked after

NOTE: we know not everyone rides in the winter. To help, we’ve split this section into ‘most of the year’ riding and ‘all year touring’. Whilst some of them could easily be in either/ both categories, we hope you find the distinction useful.

Oxford Heritage Tech 1.0 Ladies Textile Jacket


This little beauty is the Oxford Heritage Tech 1.0 Textile Ladies Motorcycle Jacket. This elegant navy jacket offers excellent protection against rain and wind with its dry waxed finish- rain? What rain?

However, this female motorcycle jacket also includes skid protection at the elbows and shoulders, plus plenty of pockets for storing your things safely.

WHY WE LOVE IT: This textile motorcycle jacket has a thermal lining to keep you warm during the coldest of weather, BUT the thermal lining is easily detachable so that you can stay cool during the summer. Your bank account thanks you.

Richa Ladies Phantom 2 Textile Jacket 


The Richa Ladies Phantom 2 Textile Jacket is another excellent female biker jacket.

It offers excellent protection with D30 armor on the back, shoulders, and elbows of the jacket plus reflective piping to allow other motorists to see you at night, reducing the risk of accidents. 

WHY WE LOVE IT. This jacket is warm! It has excellent waterproofing and a removable thermal lining, so you can wear it in all types of weather. It also contains a polyester mesh lining, offering comfort and warmth, while the built-in ventilation prevents you from overheating. 

You can also buy the Richa Ladies Phantom 2 Textile Jacket here:

ARMR Moto Ladies Kiso 3 Textile Jacket 


Oooohhh- purple. This women’s motorcycle jacket is the ARMR Moto Ladies Kiso 3 Textile Jacket. This textile jacket is plum and black and suitable for all types of weather and all seasons. 

This jacket is constructed using hi-impact ballistic materials, offering excellent protection against crashes and skids. The jacket also contains added protection on the chest, shoulders, and back with adjustable elbow protection to enhance your safety. 

You can wear this motorcycle jacket all year as there is a removable thermal layer for added warmth. It also includes front and back-facing vents to keep you cool on sunny summer days.

Lastly, this women’s textile motorcycle jacket offers good storage with waterproof pockets, as well as specific storage spaces for your wallet and phone. This jacket even includes an area for earphone cables to connect you to your device while on the go.

Spada Ladies Hydra Waterproof Textile Jacket 


This Spada Ladies Hydra Waterproof Textile Jacket is another textile jacket that offers excellent weatherproofing. It has brilliant waterproofing so that you can stay dry in the rain and a detachable quilted lining so you can stay warm during rides in the winter. 

This Spada female motorcycle jacket offers wearers protection against accidents as well. This jacket has CE-certified protection on the shoulder, elbow, and back to reduce the injuries should you fall from your bike. 

This fitted jacket has two shades of blue as well as reflective linings. This helps you to stand out to other road users, even on a dark, dimly lit road. To top it off, this jacket includes waterproof pockets and (compared to some other textile jackets on this list) is very reasonably priced.

Alternate to the Spada Ladies Hydra Waterproof Textile Jacket:

Spada Ladies Hairpin CE Textile Jacket 


This sexy red number is the Spada Ladies Hairpin CE Textile Motorcycle Jacket. This is another affordable Spada textile jacket with excellent waterproofing, while being lightweight and breathable. 

This jacket includes certified protective padding on the shoulders, back, and elbows of the jacket, plus has double stitching for added durability and resilience to wear and tear. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: Apart from the colour (what more do you need??!), this Spada jacket allows you to adjust the jacket to suit your figure. It’s made from a stretchy, flattering fabric, so you can stay comfortable but stylish while riding your motorcycle. 

Alternate to the Spada Ladies Hairpin CE Textile Jacket:

Oxford Ladies Holwell 1.0 Wax Textile Black 


This is the Oxford Ladies Holwell 1.0 Wax Textile Black. It’s triple stitched for added durability with waterproof pockets and a removable thermal liner for staying warm in cold conditions. This jacket even has hand-warming pockets for those extra cold mornings. 

There are CE-approved shoulder and arm protection keeps the wearer safe in the case of a crash, and a fitted design also ensures that riders look fantastic while out and about. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: I have a previous version of this ladies motorcycling jacket and I LOVE it. The wax layer still looks good (and I’ve owned it 5+ years) and it’s extremely wind resistant and waterproof.

You can also buy the Oxford Ladies Holwell 1.0 Wax Textile (in brown) here:

Touring/ All year motorcycle Jackets for female riders

A touring jacket is the same as any other textile motorcycle jacket- but with a little more protection and usually a bit warmer. They’re designed to cope with anything a motorcycle road trip might throw at you!

RST Ladies Pro Series Adventure- XCE Textile Jacket 


This stylish ladies touring jacket is the RST Ladies Pro Series Adventure- XCE Textile Jacket. It’s a little pricier than some others, but comes with double-layered protection and is suitable for year-round wear.

WHY WE LOVE IT: This RST female motorcycle jacket is made from ballistic materials. In other words, it’s incredibly strong and can withstand heavy wear before sustaining damage. There are also plenty of useful pockets for your purse, keys and lippy.  

You can also buy the RST Ladies Pro Series Adventure- XCE Textile Jacket here:

Rev’it Ladies Levante 2 H2O Textile Jacket 


This lovely Rev’it Ladies Levante 2 H2O Textile Jacket is a versatile and durable female motorcycle jacket. It’s made from polyester and mesh and comes in stylish dark red. It also includes a detachable thermal layer and waterproof protection for all-year wear. 

There is Level 2 CE certified protection, plus slider adjustment straps and excellent ventilation points which ensure you will be comfortable while wearing it.

You can also buy the Rev’it Ladies Levante 2 H2O Textile Jacket here:

Spidi Ladies Venture H2OUT Textile Jacket


If you don’t like your clothes getting wet while riding your motorcycle, this triple-layer jacket from Spidi is an excellent choice. The Spidi Ladies Venture H2OUT Textile Jacket has two removable layers, and the first is the H2OUT windproof and waterproof later. The second is the detachable thermal layer for temperature regulation and all-year use.

This Spidi jacket has plenty of safety features, including reflective patches for added visibility and armour on the shoulders and elbows. This jacket also accommodates back protection as a slot to fit a built-in panel. 

You can also buy the Spidi Ladies Venture H2OUT Textile Jacket here:

Held Ladies Zorro Textile Jacket 


The first touring ladies motorcycle jacket we love is the Held Ladies Zorro Textile Jacket. This jacket has a removable thermal liner, which is designed to be breathable, waterproof and windproof- perfect for all weathers. 

You will find a comfortable mesh lining and brilliant CE-certified protective wear inside the jacket, plus reflective elements for increased visibility and adjustable features to ensure a great fit. 

You can also buy the Held Zorro Textile Jacket here:

Oxford Montreal 3.0 Ladies Textile Jacket 


This is the Oxford Montreal 3.0 Ladies Textile Jacket. Another textile jacket that offers excellent waterproofing and year-round wear, including a removable liner.

The Oxford Montreal 3.0 comes equipped with two chest and back vents. As a result, you can allow air to flow through your jacket to control temperature and alleviate sweat. You can also use the storm flaps and reinforced zip to ensure you stay dry, even if you’re unlucky enough to be caught in an extreme downpour.

WHY WE LOVE IT: As well as excellent shoulder and elbow protection against skids, you’ll find easily adjustable arms, hips and waist to almost guarantee a great fit.  

Fitted Leather/ Summer Jackets for female motorcycle riders

The right fitted leather jacket looks cute, protects you against road rash and, best of all, keeps you cool in the summer.

Here are the best ladies leather motorcycle jackets we reviewed- the trick now is to choose just one!!

Here are the pros and cons of leather motorcycle jackets:

Motorcycle gear review- pros
  • Excellent protection 
  • Good value for money – can last years if properly maintained
Motorcycle gear review- cons
  • Can be costly to buy 
  • Prone to wear 
  • Heavier than some textile jackets

Held Ladies Sabira Leather Jacket


We LOVE this Held Ladies Sabira ladies Leather motorcycle jacket. It’s made from sheepskin leather and comes in the ever-stylish black with a comfortable Satin lining and ventilation to improve airflow. 

The arms of this Held leather jacket have built-in armour for skid protection, plus extra protection on the back, shoulders, and elbows for extra cover. You can also install chest plates, as the back has connectors if you want to give yourself maximum protection.

TOP TIP: If you want to add back armour, be sure to buy a size bigger to give room to install it.

Alternate to the Held Ladies Sabira Leather Jacket:

Alpinestars Stella Gal Ladies Leather Jacket


This Alpinestars Stella Gal Ladies Leather Motorbiking Jacket is GORGEOUS. I love it so much. It’s soft, cute, practical and, most importantly, comfortable. 

This Alpinestars jacket comes with waterproof pockets, as well as arm protection and an extended back piece to maximise safety while riding.

Why we love it: Many different parts of this jacket, including the sleeves and back, are adjustable to guarantee a comfortable fit, whatever your shape.

Alternate to the Alpinestars Stella Gal Ladies Leather Jacket:

Furygan Ladies Debbie Leather Jacket


This Furygan Ladies Debbie Leather Jacket is another stylish little number, with multiple adjustable points to ensure a great fit. 

However, the best part to this female motorcycle jacket are its level of protection and safety. This jacket boasts D30 protection of the limbs with optional D30 back protection pieces (available for an extra fee.) 

You can even attach a Fury Airbag System to this jacket, which will deploy in the case of an accident. 

You can also buy the Furygan Ladies Debbie Leather Jacket here (in tan):

Brown / Red Ladies Motorcycle Jackets 

Brown or red jackets are becoming more popular in ladies styles and are always a classic motorcycle jacket look. Here are some of our favourites for you.

Rev’it Ladies Eclipse Textile Jacket


This Rev’it Ladies Eclipse Textile Motorcycle Jacket is classed as a sports jacket. The jacket is made using mesh garnet to enhance airflow and maximum comfort. It’s also much cheaper than most others on the list- perfect for biker girls on a budget!

However, the quality is still good; it comes with CE protection, plus laminated sections and even adjustable straps to ensure a good fit.

Alternate to the Rev’it Ladies Eclipse Textile Jacket:

Ixon Ladies Filter Textile Jacket


The Ixon Ladies Filter Textile Jacket is just waiting for you to come out and play. It comes with a removable waterproof layer, which allows you to stay dry in a downpour. When the rain stops, you can remove it to keep cool. 

The Ixon Ladies Motorcycle Jacket also has CE protection on the shoulders and elbows and an impressive six pockets, which includes the internal waterproof pocket, specifically designed to keep your wallet dry. 

Alternate to the Ixon Ladies Filter Textile Jacket:

Richa Ladies Scarlett Leather Jacket


Oh my lord. I LOVE this jacket. This beauty is the Richa Ladies Scarlett Leather Motorbike Jacket. This stylish jacket comes in retro red leather with contrasting black zips on the chest. It also has a cotton lining for maximum comfort and style. 

This jacket comes with complete D30 protection on the elbows, shoulder, and the entire back of the jacket, plus adjustable straps to ensure a good fit.

Why we love it: Duh. Have you seen it??

Alternate to Richa Ladies Scarlett Leather Jacket:

Some questions I’ve been asked about the best motorcycle jackets for women

Do You Need Armour in a ladies motorcycle jacket? 

Yes. Yes Yes Yes. I cannot stress this enough. The more the better. Pick quality protection over style please.

There is some debate as to the amount of armor that you need in your jacket. Some people are happy with just shoulder and elbow protection, while other riders want their back and chests shielded also. That’s a personal choice and you should do what’s right for you.

Can Women Wear Men’s Motorcycle Jackets? 

Of course women can wear men’s motorcycle jackets, although you should pay extra attention to how the jacket fits if it’s a men’s jacket.

One of the biggest problems is the armour on male motorcycle jackets is often in the wrong place for women. However if you find a male or unisex one which works, go for it. My track leathers are unisex and they’re great.

I hope you found our roundup of the best ladies motorcycle jackets useful. You might also find these posts helpful:

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