Motorcycle camper van- our touring setup

Motorcycle camper van- our touring setup

Want to go motorcycle touring but want a bit more luxury (you know, like a proper bed?!) Or perhaps you’re like us and want to tour with more than one bike? We’ve been touring the UK and Europe for years with a motorhome and two bikes, so if you’re considering a motorcycle camper van, here’s our setup to help you decide what works for you.

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Why buy a motorcycle camper van?

When we bought our touring motorbikes, we had no plans to get a motorhome or campervan.

In fact, we’d discussed the idea several times in the past and declared we’d ‘never use it enough to justify the cost.’


Our first motorbike tour in Europe was to Western France and we LOVED it. However, we had a real problem finding accommodation which was welcoming to bikers. It felt like every place we arrived at was unhappy by the fact that we rode bikes- despite the fact that we were a non-smoking couple with a daughter.

Why a motorhome instead of motorcycle camping?

We didn’t want to camp (have you ever tried camping with a wet, cold, tired teenager? Yeah, no thanks) and honestly, although we love camping for a fun weekend with friends, the idea of having to ride for hours, then put up a tent, whilst wet and cold, then do it all again the next day didn’t appeal much to us either. (Remember, we live in England. It rains a lot.)

Still, we felt so uncomfortable returning to our accommodation, and weren’t quite sure on the solution, until one day we happened to ride past a motorhome… pulling two bikes behind on a trailer.

Sold. Just take my money. It was the perfect choice for us.

Buying our first camper van to tow our motorcycles

When we got back to the UK, we bought the first motorhome we could find which had enough sleeping space for the 3 of us, a fixed bed and dining area and which was within our (very small) budget. It was wrong for us in almost every way, but we loved it.

The adventure, being able to pull up at a campsite and use that as a base for our explorations, and not need to pay for 2 hotel rooms everywhere we went- it was magical.

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