Why don't more female motorbikers do track days?

Why don’t more female motorbikers do track days?

WHY don’t more biker girls do track days? Is it really as intimidating as we fear it is…?

I believe the average % of female bikers in the UK is around 6%. And yet, girls are still rare enough on the track for it to be a ‘thing’ when we turn up.

As two ‘biker chicks’, we did a track day at Oulton Park race circuit in the UK. It was EPIC and we had a lot of fun, but it was also intimidating as hell and I totally understand why women who perhaps don’t have any friends who ride on track, or know anyone else there, would prefer not to go.

Still, I hope the story of our experience- both the good and bad- can help you feel more confident about being brave and booking up that track day! Let me know your experiences or fears- I’d love to know your thoughts.

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